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Bullet Journal for Work

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

I love my "To Do Lists" but what i love even more is doing them in a way that helps to get things DONE!

I have a friend who introduced me to this layout and here is the way i use them each week.


On the left, I add a Circle, The time of the event on the day of the week and the name of the appointment. When I attend the meting I fill in the cirlcle. If it gets cancelled I strike a line through the appointment.


This is where I set goals for the week or write down specific Items I need to focus on. These are my non negotiable for the week.


Pretty self explanatory. Most of my weekly notes end up having a action Item therefor get recorded in the To Do Section.


All of my appointments for the coming week get recorded here because this helps me to be sure to prepare any needed notes, reports, or research anything that is needed for those meetings.


Every thing that takes me more than 1 minute to do gets recorded here. If it takes less I just get it done. Or if it is an Item that needs to happen but I am in the middle of a meeting and have to revisit it later it gets recorded here. I add a square check box and then write out the Item that needs to be done. When I accomplish the task I fill in the check box.

I truly hope this helps your work to be more productive and for you to feel in better control of your week so you can do your very best work!

Make it a great Week!


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