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Dissatisfaction can Destroy Your Life

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

4 Ways to keep your life and your standards

In this life we will all have good days and bad days.....

We will have up's and down's....

Moments of great joy and moments of deep sorrow...

So how do you keep from getting stuck here?

I truly love the Enneagram and if you are not familiar with it check it out here. But if you are and you are in the Heart Triad you know this all too well.

Getting stuck in your emotions is a bitter war at times. You are continually trying to be sure you are aware of what you are feeling but it is so easy to get stuck in the cycle of Dissatisfaction!!

1) Journal through the things that you are struggling with the most... and no, I do not mean that you complain via your pen and notebook....

This is a great way for you to get some clarity around what you are thinking. Journal through these prompts:

A) What happened?

B) What emotions were a result of this event. ( this is a great time to use a "Feeling Wheel")

C) Is this your responsibility or someone else's?

D) What is the most generous assumption you can make of the situation?

When you journal through this it puts you in a position to not only write out the problem but to also try to reconcile it. This also connects the left side of your brain with the right, when you do this it will help the thought to be "analyzed" in a healthier manner.

2) Start a Gratitude practice:

When you take this on you are committing to a daily practice of recognizing all that you have.

This is a vital part of LIFE! If you ever want to be the person that is happy and joyful DO THIS EVERY DAY!!

So take out a pen and start every day with 5 things you are thankful for and end every day with 5 moments you are thankful for!

3) Write or review your Personal Statement

A personal statement is all about knowing who you are at your core and what your purpose is. This is your Anchor... your keel the thing that keeps you from flipping upside down and everyone around you going overboard.

This is ESSENTIAL to have close by! So if you do not have one already read THIS ARTICLE.

If you have one already, dust that sucker off and get to reading and remind yourself of why you are valuable.

4) Decide what is ok, and what is not...

If you are in a tough spot and you deeply feel like you are being devalued, abused or threatened you may have a hard call to make.

If a coworker made a critical remark in-front of your team... you may very well be the only one who remembers it... But if "Said Coworker" openly attacked your character that is a different enchilada!

Only you can decide what you need to fight back against... but hopefully by now you have done the work (step 1) to figure out if the struggles you are facing are in need of reproach.

Either way please do not stay here. If there is something going on that does need to be addressed, DO IT. If not... If your emotions are just hurt, work through it, forgive people....

Life is too short to stay stuck!

With Love,


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