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God’s Got This

This is the beginning of a new series of how God has shown up and handled a situation.

In this season where we are constantly surrounded by the bitterness of humanity time for a little hope and maybe even perspective.

My hope is that in the coming days you will hear stories of faith and encouragement.... that God loves you, that He cares about what you are going through and that HE is more than able to take care of you.

I am not sure where it all started but I know I would blame my mom for it... or my grandma... they helped me to see Gods Hand in every season of my life.

The first time I can recall using this phrase, I was standing with a friend at our local high school. I had packed up a tent, all three of my little girls, and three dogs. My friend was tearing up. We were being evacuated.

Weeks earlier fires had started a few miles from our home. This sweet friend of mine was building her home right next to the property we lived on. As we watched the fires grow and grow they came closer and closer to our homes. We were encouraged to head out because our neighbor hood was at a level 2 evacuation level. A day or so after moving our family to the local high school where they had set up a shelter, our homes were in a level 3 evacuation area.

Standing next to my friend at the high school that day and knowing how scared she was to lose all she had built, this phrase welled up inside of me. God's got this..... I told her, HE will take care of us. And that He did.

As our little town was evacuated because the fire had jumped the highway and was headed to town we packed up all our things and made our way south, into the path of the fire. You see the fire to the north had blocked off the safe paths, and we were 20 miles from Canada without passports. The fire to the south was still a real threat but officials had done their best to make the highway through it passable. As we drove there were groups of trees and bushes burning and trees alongside the canyon walls right next to the Highway on fire.

I gripped my steering wheel tighter and tighter with every passing mile. We came to a little town called Brewster, WA. Somehow we had learned about this little church that had made space for anyone who had been evacuated. And over the course of the next few days they brought us food, games and set up a space for our girls, neighbors and our dogs.

The beauty of this was that God already knew when we left the high school that we needed a place to go, and He took care of it. He knew we would need space and comfort as we waited for news on our homes and our friends. He took care of that too.

Our homes were safe, our families were safe and our confidence in God was stronger in the struggle of it all.


This has become a phrase that has reminded me throughout my life that He will make a way. He will provide. Because He loves me and he loves you too!

If you have a story like this I would love to be able to help you share it!

If we are to find and stay rooted in the goodness that is in this world and in the way that God has provided for us we need to share our stories! Please if you would like to share your story here I would love to help you tell it!

Please email or send me a chat on this website and I will be in contact soon!


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