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How to Find a Mentor

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Finding a Mentor can feel like searching for the the lost unicorn at the end of a rainbow that you found using a trail of pixie dust... but it really does not have to be this hard.

Here are 3 places you might be able to connect to or identify a potential Mentor.

1. In a Church

Chrches are naturally a great place to find a mentor because they are set up to encourage and grow leaders. There are many game changers and world shakers that attend your local church on a Sunday Morning.

2. A Local Learning Group

Head to your nearest library or community center. There is almost always a board of events going on in the community. Toastmasters, Book clubs, and often times MOPS groups can be a great place to find people who you admire and who are trying their very best to make an impact into world.

3. In Books

Yes, I am fully aware this one feels corny.... but stick with me! If you have been searching for someone who might care, challenge and inspire you check out a few books at your local library about people who you can relate to. Maybe you want to take a stand like Abraham Lincon, or learn how to motivate and encourage others to reach their best. Look at what the experts are doing and read about them.

My two favorite Mentors are Brene Brown and Brenden Bruchard. I have sat for hours while they poured into my life through thier life written work. So do not be afraid to pick up a book and get curious about how people got to where they are.

Ultimately, You are the one who will make your world great. Dive into this topic, because if you can understand what role you are looking to have a mentor fill. You can then reverse engineer it and figure out where they are the most likely to be.

You've got this!


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