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Lessons in Grace

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Grace has been an area where so many people do not understand it... and in all honesty on the days where I am struggling I am sitting right there with everyone else.

On the days where I get it these are the lessons I have learned...

Before we dive into that what Is Grace?

GRACE: is the giving of a blessing that is not earned or deserved


not earned...

or worked for...


When was the last time you received something you did not work for?

Here are a few notes on Grace... That were maybe learned the hard way.

GRACE; A blessing that is not earned

1. We cannot give what we have not received- My 7yr old little girl is ADORABLE, like in the "everyone loves her" kind of way. She is the baby of the family and she has the "cute little girl act" down. Now behind closed doors at home there is a very different story happening. She has a very keen eye for exploiting her sisters insecurities and finding the right buttons to push with mom and dad. So, after an evening of sisterly battles and time outs it feels far more natural for me to let her just go straight from time out to bed. No night time snuggles or reading stories while curled up with mom in bed. So many times I want her to understand the consequences of her actions

2. Giving Grace to the people in our lives has to be intentional- I willl promise you unless this is something that you are good at or if it is a Spiritual Gift; extending Grace to others will be an intentional action on your part. If this is an area you struggle (and I am in the seat right next to you on that struggle bus) you have to learn to look to Jesus. This is not impossible but with out looking to Jesus for your strength to have grace it will be. How do you need to be intentional about showing grace?

Who is smeone you could have grace with today?

What would that look like?

How has Jesus extended grace to you in a similar situation?

How are you looking to Jesus for the strength to have grace with them?

No these questions are not easy to answer but they can be totally worth the work if you are open to answering these questions. You can do this!

Make it a great day!


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