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October Date Night Ideas

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Date nights for us, when done intentionally have been a time of connection and excitement in our relationship. Take a little time to plan out your next month and block out at least 1-2 nights. Schedule the sitter ( even plan a backup) and be sure to send a calendar invite to your spouse.

I love these nights and I hope you and

your loved one will too!


1. Dancing Date Night

Plan out a night to learn a few new moves. If you have the ability to take a dance class at your local studio or search YouTube for a tutorial.

Set the Stage: If you are staying in and watching/ Practicing tutorials online set out a tray of snacks and drinks. Move aside the Kitchen table and light some candles so it feels romantic. Put together your favorite playlist

*Right now my we are working on learning the Bachata. Here are a few of our favorite tutorials and an iTunes playlist.

Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2

2. Fall Themed Date Night:

Pumpkin carving and caramel apples.

Plan a night to pick out a pumpkin and carve it with your spouse. Head to the store once kids are safe at a sitter and pick out your favorite pumpkin of any color or size. Grab your supplies for your caramel apples and head home!

Set the Stage: Layout a picnic blanket in your yard or a drop cloth on your kitchen counter. Make sure you have good lighting and a sharp set of carving knives. Set out your supplies to make your caramel apples and jump in before carving your pumpkin. Melt your caramel sauce according to your directions and dip your apples. Here is an easy tutorial if you want to make your Carmel apples from scratch. Once your apples are cooling, it is time to carve the pumpkin. Feel free to snack on your caramel apples as soon as they have cooled.

Happy October Dating!


- B


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