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Peace in the middle of Trouble

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

I heard a beautiful explanation of Peace... It is like a current in the Colorado River.

I live in Colorado and this year we've had a very snowy winter. Over 100 inches of snow on some of the passes! What this means though is that come spring the river will grow muddy as it rises... The amount of water that will flow from the mountains to the valleys will be tremendous.

It will bring logs branches... mud and rocks as it crashes into the rivers. If you have ever seen the rapids that Colorado has you understand the overwhelming weight of the water. This weight reminds me of our lives... the troubled waters that we face at times.

the struggles...

the tears...

And even the shame we experience as we watch the life we have become capsized in the waves of turmoil.

You may be asking me.... Peace?? Really? How do we learn how to have peace in the middle of this!

A good friend recently spoke at our church on this topic and how Peace is like the current of the river. How during the moments of depth in the river the current is strong. It has a deep pull that has even been known to be fatal. So what happens to that current during the rapids. What happens to the current of Peace when our world is crashing in waves around us. The truth is... That current is still there...

No longer slow but still present. God is just like that... His peace is just like that!

During times of slowness, His Peace is almost calm and smooth but during the time of chaos, it is still there. It is strong with a pace that keeps up with the trouble around us. During these times we can attempt to cling to the rocks in the rapids... but just maybe if we will release to the current of the river of this life. When we come out of it we have been smoothed. Our rough edges and cracks have been reshaped into something beautiful.

Something maybe even Masterful.

Until next time



1:Photo by Cameron Kirby on Unsplash

3:Photo by Matthew Cabret on Unsplash

2:Photo by Matthew Cabret on Unsplash

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