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Starting a Bullet Journal

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Starting a Bullet Journal

I love journals, now love means I tend to buy a lot of them and they are all only half full. Until I was introduced to Bullet Journaling.

Now, I promise this will not be as complicated as you may think. A bullet journal can be as simple as you like it to be or more in-depth. I use 3 journals. One, is my Master journal, I have one for practicing in and one I use daily for work.

My Master journal tracks my yearly goals, my hope and dreams and for anything I am trying to improve. It also holds my reading log, wish list, and my monthly goals.

My second journal is for practicing new layouts and pages. On Pinterest there are so many amazing ideas for new pages and I practice the layout before it goes into my master journal to ensure that by the time it gets to my master journal it is clean and on point.

The third one I use is for work. This tracks my weekly work schedule, big projects or events, a next week preview, and my weekly to do list. This layout alone has been a game changer for me at work! Later this week I will release that layout so be sure to subscribe to be the first to know!

Make it a great day Gorgeous!


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